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Get the high relaxing effect of THC-O with the Headband THC-O cartridges. Made from a mixer of the OG Kush and Sour Diesel strains, the Headband has a strong high, but it takes longer to kick in. The Headband has approximately 1000mg of THC-O and botanical terpenes. The Headband cartridges come in a headband, strawberry lemonade, and watermelon splash flavors. The Headband THC-O is heavily tested throughout production to ensure the customer gets the best product. The Headband cartridges are packed in child-resistant packaging with any 510-compatible vape pens. The Headband THC-O vape cartridge costs $39.99. First-time buyers get a discount and free shipping for orders above $49.

Newer THC-O users should start with a single puff and note how it affects them. THC-O is a synthetic cannabis compound with 0.3% THC, following US federal laws. Customers should check with their state laws before buying THC-O products. The Headband cartridges are not CBD and are intended for users at least 18 years. The Headband THC-O products are not intended for medicinal use, and a doctor’s advice is crucial if you take any medication. Pregnant and lactating customers should avoid taking the Headband THC-O products.

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