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7 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Marijuana Seeds

The Health Benefits Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds are highly potent with essential health benefits. In the past, it might have been a taboo to even associate with the plant let alone consuming it. Today, awareness and research have brought about change, and marijuana seeds are now recognized as a source of a number of health related benefits. The term marijuana here is an umbrella term and is used for cannabis seeds in general.  This includes hemp and cannabis seeds.

Since the seeds do not contain the cannabinoids THC and CBD, you won’t require a formal CDB dosage recommendation from your doctor while eating these seeds. They won’t cause any psychoactive effects, neither would they impart any CBD related benefits.

Still, marijuana seeds have significant health benefits not limited to those listed in this article.

1. Essential for Your Digestion

Marijuana seeds contain a dietary element  known as fiber. Fiber is essential for the digestion of food in the stomach. It helps to clear the digestion tract, removing any toxic substances. The seeds can alleviate possible cases of constipation, instances of bloating and provide relief for diarrhea. Soluble fibers also deliver benefits of their own. They help control a person’s cholesterol levels while aiding in bile juice production.

2. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

The hemp seed contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which aids control your body’s cholesterol levels. Reduced levels of cholesterol strengthens your cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular health includes prevention from heart-related medical conditions including strokes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Hemp seeds, sometimes referred to has “hemp hearts” contain a naturally occurring ratio between omega 3s and omega 6s, which is unique and just as the body requires it.  Besides, it promotes advanced brain development and growth.

3. Weight Maintenance

Hemp seeds

If aiming to lose weight, then hemp seeds are the perfect solution. They contain essential fiber content that makes you feel full. When you no longer feel hungry you have no desire to continue to eat  and this helps to prevent overindulgence and promotes overall weight loss. Including hemp seeds as part of a healthy diet will help to manage your weight as they contain no fat and no calories. Additionally, the seeds contain all the essential nutrients that might be missing from your normal diet providing the energy levels you need to complete the day on a high note. One way to supplement your diet is by adding the seeds into your salad after soaking or by adding them in to the ingredients in your smoothies.

4. Induces Sleep

Marijuana seeds

Sleep deprivation is a condition commonly referred to as insomnia. Insomnia is the underlying cause for many other medical conditions such as loss of balance, heart conditions, increased blood pressure, low immunity levels, to name a few. Marijuana seeds have a high content of magnesium. Magnesium is essential in the production of the hormone serotonin, which is converted to melatonin in the brain. Melatonin is responsible for inducing sleep. As the seeds make you feel relaxed, and calmness engulfs you, this creates an ideal environment for gently falling asleep.

5. Muscle Growth

Seeds for body health

The seeds contain excellent protein content of around ten different amino acids. Amino acids often referred to as the building blocks of proteins and are compounds that play many critical roles in your body. The body’s only source of amino acids is from the food we eat. Therefore, if you want your body and it’s vital organs to continue functioning well, consider including hemp seeds as some part of your daily dietary requirements.

6. Osteoporosis

Bone deterioration is a condition that many people face, particularly as they grow older. Doctors recommend a diet rich in calcium. Most people can only think of  milk and black beans as sources of calcium, however, marijuana seeds also have a high level of calcium, as much as 70mg in them. Including them to your daily diet will help you to meet the recommended daily intake. Besides, it will promote teeth and bone development, growth and maintenance. You won’t have to worry anymore about medical conditions such as osteoporosis.

7. Skin Health

Hemp seed for skin

Cannabis seeds can work inside and on the outside to improve your skin health. You can apply a ground mix of the seeds as a paste or eat them and achieve a healthy, glowing skin complexion by getting rid of unwanted skin conditions. They moisturize the skin preventing skin breakage and can heal the underlying causes of acne. Additionally, they can treat atopic dermatitis and eczema. The nutrients and other compounds that aid in treating the skin penetrate deep into the tissue restoring the skin from the inside. Whether in the form of a topical cream to apply on the surface or you are eating the marijuana seeds as a new addition to your diet, you are bound to see the fantastic benefits it delivers to your skin.


Cannabis seeds, without doubt, offer a varied range of health benefits. Many people are able to begin eating, or drinking in smoothies, seeds with only beneficial results.  However, as with many compounds, some people do have unexpected allergic reactions. Our advice is either seek medical advice, particularly if you already are susceptible to allergies, or begin to introduce cannabis seeds gradually into your regular diet. Once you find you have no side effects, and can feel the benefits of the seeds you can gradually increase consumption to your desired level.

As a result, many individuals are now taking them even without consulting. It is essential to know that they can cause allergic effects. Individuals have different reactions to these seeds, and others might be sensitive to sudden lifestyle or diet changes, making it impossible to assist them. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution when taking them. Besides, seeking advice from medical professionals is the right step to make as it could prevent the worst of situations from occurring. You can easily order these magic seeds from any one of the best dispensaries online.

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