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  • Cannabis Email Marketing: Do's & Don'ts | Cannabiz Media April 23, 2024
    Email marketing can be a powerful tool for those who wish to put in the work, or it can be white noise to your recipients if you aren’t careful or try to take the “easy” way out. Especially if you’re in cannabis, where there are even more considerations to be wary of! So let’s review […]
  • Point-of-Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry – 2024 Report | Cannabiz Media April 16, 2024
    Cannabiz Media’s sixth annual Point-of-Sale Software in the Cannabis Industry report is now available! The 2024 report provides updated information on point-of-sale (POS) software market share across the U.S. and Canadian cannabis industries. © CNB Media LLC dba Cannabiz Media
  • Cannacurio Podcast Episode 61 with Chris Violas | Cannabiz Media April 11, 2024
    On this episode of the Cannacurio podcast, host Ed Keating sits down with Chris Violas, CEO and founder of BLAZE. Chris shares his journey into the cannabis industry, dating back to 2010 when he co-founded his first dispensary with his father during California's Prop 215 days. Drawing from his firsthand experience, Chris discusses how his […]
  • Visit Cannabiz Media at Booth 702 During MJ Unpacked in Atlantic City | Cannabiz Media April 2, 2024
    Cannabiz Media is proudly sponsoring MJ Unpacked taking place in Atlantic City April 9-11! The Hard Rock Hotel is hosting this distinctive event exclusively for license holders and accredited investors to connect, collaborate, and prepare for expansion. © CNB Media LLC dba Cannabiz Media
  • Celebrating a Decade of Cannabiz Media: A Journey of Growth, Innovation, and Industry Leadership | Cannabiz Media March 28, 2024
    This year, 2024, marks a significant milestone for Cannabiz Media – we're proudly celebrating our 10th anniversary!‍ Over the past decade, Cannabiz Media has evolved from a vision into a powerhouse in the cannabis industry, and as we reflect on the journey, it's inspiring to see the impact of our growth, innovation, and leadership in […]
  • Cannacurio #92: When & Where Will New Cannabis Licenses Drop? | Cannabiz Media March 19, 2024
    Since we founded Cannabiz Media, we have often looked back to report on the licenses that had been issued by state, activity and status. In this post we are taking a look forward at jurisdictions that will “likely” be issuing tranches of new licenses in the coming year. © CNB Media LLC dba Cannabiz Media
  • Building an Email Marketing Funnel for Sales | Cannabiz Media March 15, 2024
    Not everyone is ready to buy from you at the moment they receive your email marketing message. That’s a fundamental truth that you need to accept or your email marketing initiatives will never deliver the results your business wants and needs. It’s also why creating email marketing funnels designed to move prospects from being unaware […]
  • Cannacurio Podcast Episode 60 Managing Cannabis Businesses in 2024 | Cannabiz Media March 7, 2024
    Cannabiz Media’s Chief Data Officer, Ed Keating, leads a discussion with industry leaders, on how they survived 2023 and what they plan for 2024 for the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Series. © CNB Media LLC dba Cannabiz Media
  • Cannacurio #91: Diving into Cannabis Industry Violations and Recalls | Cannabiz Media February 29, 2024
    Cannabiz Media has been tracking license violations and product safety recalls as part of its market intelligence platform for nearly a decade. With years of industry data at our fingertips, our research team recently undertook an effort to organize and categorize compliance data into a cohesive, digestible tool: a violations and recalls dashboard. This post […]
  • Cannacurio Podcast Episode 59 2023 Licensing Leaderboard Recap | Cannabiz Media February 14, 2024
    Cannabiz Media’s Chief Data Officer, Ed Keating, does a recap of the 2023 Licensing Leaderboards and shows you what we've seen in looking back at all the licenses that were issued. © CNB Media LLC dba Cannabiz Media