The easist way to add your listing is to click the Add Your Business Navigation Link. This will take you to a Login or Registration Page.

Once signed in you will then be offered the option to add your business as a Free Listing or a Premium Listing.  A Free Listing will enable you to complete all the basic information about your business including the map location, address, telephone number, email, etc. as well as one image.  If you subsequently decide to upgrade you can do so from your account page.

We recommend you review the Paid Listing options as detailed on our Listing Options Page. Taking advantage of the additional facilities provided in a paid listing will give potential customers much more information about your business and why they should chose to purchase their requirements from you or get in touch with you.

Add Listing Guide

In case you encounter any difficulties using the Add Your Business Form please check below.

1. Whether adding a new listing or claiming a listing please use the Drop Down options to confirm your Country, State/Province and Town as this will ensure your business will display correctly in Search.

2. To ensure you location appears correctly on Google Maps click The Find on Map Button. If the map icon is not exactly where your business is located you can adjust this manually either by entering your Lat and Long coordinates or by expanding the map and moving the map icon to the exact position.

3. The remaining details we believe should be self explanitory but if you have any problems please contact us for assistance and we will help you finalize your listing.

I have a listing and want to add another

If you only have a Free Plan you can only list one business address using the same User Name and Password. To add a second listing you will need to use the Add Listing form providing a new User Name. Your locations will appear on different Dashboards (see below)

If you have a Premium Plan Account you can automatically add a second location via your Dashboard (see below) If you have multiple outlets and want to list all of them please contact us for a multiple listing quotation.  Other Payment plans will give you the option to add additional locations.

What is the Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you can control your listing(s) and edit, add more options, or add another location. The Dashboard and My Account will be empty until you have claimed or added a listing. The Dashboard and My Account are personalised to the account holder who is signed in to the account. Nobody can view your details and you have no access to other accounts.

The Blue+ sign will enable adding another location/listing if your plan allows. You can also delete your listing. You can view other information including the status of your account.

I need help adding something in the description

The business description text box allows you to include various types of information in different formats.  We appreciate that this may require some design knowledge that not everyone has.

We cannot offer free support in this area but if you want to explain what you would like to be able to display we may be able to set this up for you for a reasonable fee.

Payment Options

At the present moment we only offer payment by bank transfer.  We are looking at other options which may provide alternative payment methods

However, if the above presents a problem for you, please contact us as we are sure suitable means can be organised.

Can I suggest?

If you have a feature that you would like included please do let us know. If it is possible, and sufficient clients suggest it, we will do all we can to add new options. We are always reviewing our design to help you achieve your objectives in gaining more business.