Extra Advertising Options

Standing out from the crowd is a sure way to drive more clients to your business.

Our Premium Plan clients can take advantage of additional ways to draw attention to their Business using one or more of the following opportunities.

City Pages

One of the first searches potential buyers are likely to make is the city where they are looking for a dispensary, related business or service provider.

We can offer a personalised header to the city page featuring five businesses located in the city with links to their own website or social media page.

These banner headers will be displayed on a random rotating basis to ensure that each advertiser receives equal display opportunities.

You can create your own banner ad that meets our standards or we can create an attractive banner for you for an additional charge of $150.

Displays can be purchased on a 3 month renewable basis.

Please contact us for more details

Listing Page

When a customer reaches your page first impressions can make all the difference.

You can grab the attention with the choice of a single image banner or a 3 image slider promoting your business and any current offers you may have to entice the visitor to buy from you.

As this is your page you can order one of these options to coinside with your Premium Plan subscription. We will allow 3 changes during the course of a year at no additional cost.  Extra changes will be subject to a reasonable charge.  Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

An additional option is an advertisement placed inside your listing page. For example, you could advertise a special sale item immediately below the site heading and above the details of your dispensary.

As above please contact us for details and costs